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Know Your Rights!

STOP! - Don't allow yourself to be disciplined without a FARSCCD rep!

You have the right to union representation whenever you are the subject of disciplinary proceedings or whenever you might become the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

Therefore, if you feel that the meeting with your supervisor may lead to disciplinary action —Stop the interview and ask to know exactly what the investigation is about and what it may result in. If the questioner is investigating allegations made against you by either a student, another faculty member or administrator, you may request for the meeting be postponed in order that a representative from your FARSCCD union be present.

After your request is made, your supervisor must choose from among three options. The supervisor must either:

(a) grant the request and delay questioning until the union representative arrives and has a chance to consult privately with the employee; or

(b) deny the request and end the interview immediately; or

(c) give the you a choice of: (1) having the interview without representation or (2) ending the interview.

If the supervisor denies the request for union representative and continues to ask questions, it commits an unfair labor practice and you have the right to refuse to answer. You cannot be disciplined for such a refusal

⇒ FARSCCD Grievance Specialists contact
Jim Isbell  714-564-6989   or  Mark Smith   714-628-4959


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