Union Membership Makes All the Difference


It has become a custom lately for faculty that the beginning of the summer coincides with the District's annual cry of poverty. Over the years we saw our colleagues at neighboring colleges enjoy raises while our salaries were frozen in anticipation of the financial Armageddon that never came. We witnessed the District horde the State's COLA for 18 months in what was the best budget in years before we were rewarded with half.
And now this year the annual cry of poverty includes a proposal asking faculty to work up to 40% more for nothing in return. Why?


The answer is simple - it's a distraction for what Chancellor Rodriguez and Peter Hardash really want
from us - 9th place ranking. Other than busting FARSCCD, the two would like nothing more than to remove the 9th place ranking from our contract. This year 9th place ranking is even more meaningful because on
July 1 we were owed per our contract a 3.58% raise. Using the increase in LHE and counseling contact hours, the District has created a diversion believing we will let our 9th place ranking go or water it down to near worthless in return for retaining our current workload requirements.


This nifty trick was attempted several years ago with a totally different FARSCCD Executive Board. The FARSCCD negotiator spent months attempting to get the workload increase off the table and when it was finally accomplished, FARSCCD walked away feeling victorious only to realize they got nothing in return! It won't happen this time. The workload increase is a non-starter.


This negotiations tactic shows the disrespect the District has for the work we do. We need to stand together and attend board meetings beginning August 14 and let the board know we are not going to be treated in
such an unprofessional manner. If the board won't listen to our voices we will take it to the ballot box next
year when three incumbents will be facing re-election.


In Unity!