Union Membership Makes All the Difference


Legacy FARSCCD is now FARSCCD-CTA Local #5231. The old dues of $45 are now obsolete. Join the new union and become a member. 
CTA: $1 million professional liability coverage

Current: Zero liability coverage


CTA: Legal representation for any action against a faculty member as a result of work within the District.

Current: Legal representation is only provided if the issue relates to language in the Collective Bargaining Agreement


CTA: Forensic auditors with years of experience and knowledge of the many ways District's "hide" money will
           conduct a review of the District's finances

Current: Review of District finances conducted by FARSCCD Executive Board members


CTA: Professional union negotiator will work with FARSCCD faculty negotiators at the table

Current: FARSCCD faculty negotiators work by themselves, but pay for an attorney to assist when the District brings their own attorney to the table


CTA: Experienced political consultants with state-wide connections will assist during board of trustee elections by                  providing funding for faculty-friendly candidates as well as campaign consulting

Current: All campaigns are handled solely by faculty volunteers. Consultants are paid from FARSCCD PAC dues